AMPAC Faculty

Dr. Sudipta Seal

Dr. Sudipta Seal, Ph.D., Trustee Chair

Pegasus Professor

University Distinguished Professor
Chair, Materials Science & Engineering
Nano Initiative Coordinator at UCF
Director of Surface Engineering & Nanotech Lab, DURIP Nanomanufacturing Lab

Sec Joint appointments in NanoScience Technology Center, Advanced Materials Processing & Analysis Center, Materials Science & Engineering, Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences, College of Medicine Research Focus: Functionals Materials Processing including Nano/Micro, Bulk Nanomanufacturing, Nanobiotechnology, Surface Engineering, Coatings, Nanoenergetics, Nanotoxicity, and Advanced Analytical Tools

Dr. Linan An

Dr. Linan An, Professor, MSE
(407) 823-1009

Research Focus: Micro-fabrication of ceramics for MEMS applications, Processing structure property relationships of ceramic materials, Polymer-derived ceramics, Nano-materials/composites: synthesis and properties, Mechanical behavior of materials: fracture, toughening, creep, wear and fatigue

Dr. Kevin Coffey Dr. Kevin Coffey, Professor, MSE
(407) 823-2175

Research Focus: Thin Film Processing, Magnetic Materials, Solid State Reactions, Nanoscale Tribology, Magnetic Thin Films, Grain Boundary Diffusion

Dr. Neelkanth Dhere

Dr. Jiyu Fang, AMPAC Director, Professor, MSE
(407) 882-1182

Research Focus: Biological Interfaces, Nano-scale Science and Engineering, Molecular Self-Assembly, Polymer Thin Films, Biotechnology, Soft Lithography, Scanning Probe Microscopy, Liquid Crystal Imaging Techniques
Dr. Stephen J. Florczyk

Dr. Stephen J. Florczyk, Assistant Professor, MSE
(407) 823-2738

Research Focus: Processing and characterization of biomaterial scaffolds, tissue engineering, tumor microenvironment, characterization of cell-material interaction, stem cells
Dr. Tengfei Jiang

Dr. Tengfei Jiang, Assistant Professor, MSE

Research Focus: Reliability metrology, Emerging interconnect and packaging systems, Micro/nano-fabrication, Microstructure and interface, Micro/nano-mechanical characterization, Synchrotron x-ray microdiffraction
Dr. Akihiro Kushima

Akihiro Kushima, Assistant Professor, MSE
(407) 823-0317

Research Focus: In-situ transmission electron microscopy; atomistic simulation; nano-characterization; nano-mechanics; energy-storage materials

Dr. Patrick Schelling

Dr. Patrick Schelling, Assistant Professor, Physics
(407) 882-1016

Research Focus: Computational Materials Science, Thermal Transport, Electrochemistry, Electronic Structure Methods, Multiscale Simulation
Dr. Yong-ho Sohn

Dr. Yong-ho Sohn, Professor, MSE
(407) 882-1181

Research Focus: Multicomponent Multiphase Diffusion including Thermotransport, High Temperature Materials and Coatings including Thermal Barrier Coatings, Oxidation and Corrosion, Materials and Coatings for Energy Production, Storage and Conversion, Materials Characterization and Electron Microscopy
Dr. Ming Su

Dr. Raj Vaidyanathan, Professor, MSE
(407) 882-1180

Research Focus: Properties and multi-scale mechanical characterization of advanced materials, Micro- and nanoindentation, In situ diffraction (neutron and synchrotron x-ray) at load and temperature, Residual stress measurements, Smart materials, metallic glasses
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