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The Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center (AMPAC) is an interdisciplinary research and education center for materials science and engineering located at the University of Central Florida. AMPAC's vision is to make UCF an international leader in materials science and engineering research and education by:

  • Excelling in the development, processing and characterization of advanced materials to achieve prominence in targeted research areas
  • Providing leadership to the UCF Materials Science and Engineering research and education program
  • Enhancing economic growth and promoting industrial development through effective partnerships with industry

Message from Director Sudipta Seal

In an age of global scientific advances and intrinsic research opportunities, we at the centers of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology at UCF strive to empower, inspire and challenge. . . Read the complete announcement


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ORC-AMPAC/MSE Doctoral Fellowship

Stipend: $25,000 in year one; years 2-4 variable based on program assistantship stipend levels
Duration: 1 yr fellowship support; 3 yrs graduate assistantship support
Eligibility: all new doctoral students

Latest News

August 2016

Ankur Gupta Named TSS Student Board Member


Graduate student Ankur Gupta has been selected as a student board member on the Thermal Spray Society Board of Directors.

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August 2016

Dr. Hou's Student Recognized for Scientific Achievement


Dr. Huo's former student, Lauren Austin, has been recognized for her scientific achievements by Chemical and Engineering News magazine.

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August 2016

Dr. Yongho Sohn Selected as Honorary Chairman, Speaker, for 13th ICDSL


Dr. Yongho Sohn has been selected as the Honorary Chairman and Plenary Speaker for the 13th International Conference on Diffusion in Solids and Liquids. This illustrious honor places Dr. Sohn among a distinguished group of scholars, including Dr. Stan Veprek of the University of Munich, and Dr. Mysore Dayananda of Purdue University. The 13th International Conference will be held between June 26-30, 2017, in Vienna, Austria.

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