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Welcome to Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center

Welcome to the Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center (AMPAC) at the University of Central Florida (UCF). The overall mission of AMPAC is to achieve excellence in materials research and education at UCF and promote the high-technology economic growth of the central Florida region. AMPAC strives to excel in the design, processing and characterization of advanced materials to achieve national prominence in targeted research areas that include energy, biotechnology, microelectronics and nanotechnology.

AMPAC was founded in 1998. Today, AMPAC has 9 faculty members, 3 technical personnel, and 4 administrative staff members. Materials Characterization Facility (MCF, multi-user facility), which is operated by AMPAC, provides state-of-the-art equipment not only to UCF researchers, but also to researchers from industry, university, and government organizations around the country.

Past 20 years, AMPAC has successfully met its mission by creating a well-educated workforce through the MS and Ph.D. programs in materials science and engineering at UCF, forming multiple synergistic research partnerships with industries and government organizations, and building a reputation of research excellence.

Our success is attributed to our creative engineers, faculty members, talented graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, visiting scientists, administrative staff, and outstanding research facilities. Material research experts at home and abroad are welcome to visit and collaborate with AMPAC.