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Overall Partnership Goal

Develop technology in partnership with others, particularly Florida industry, and help assure effective technology transfer to and utilization by industry.

Partnership Objectives

  • Assist in attracting, retaining, and growing materials-related industries in Florida and raise the level of understanding of Florida’s citizens and leaders on the impact materials makes in the state’s economy
  • Provide multi-user facilities housing diverse, unique, and state-of-the-art equipment for both internal-UCF and external users
  • Conduct research in partnership with industry, academic, and government agencies and actively work to transfer technology developed by faculty, staff, and students
  • Work with local and state organizations to assist in the development and delivery of science and technology education programs, with emphasis on materials, for K-12, technician, and community college students

Using an interdisciplinary team approach, AMPAC provides resources to industry, government, and university partners to find comprehensive solutions to complex, multi-faceted problems. Through AMPAC, a partner organization can access the multi-disciplinary expertise of 25 highly research-oriented AMPAC faculty and affiliated faculty members [13 in Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering (7 in AMPAC), 3 in Physics (2 in AMPAC), 3 in Optics (CREOL), 1 in EE (EECS), 3 in FL Solar Energy Center (FSEC), and 2 in NanoScience Technology Center (NSTC)] and nearly 100 graduate students to discover and create new technology solutions.

To aid in achieving these ambitious goals, NSTC and AMPAC created the NanoScience & Materials Industrial Affiliates Program to strengthen the bonds with ongoing and emerging applications within industry, and to become a major force in Florida’s and the world’s industrial community. Industrial corporations and businesses that are involved in the development or use of materials and/or nanoscale technologies, or foresee their company’s involvement in future applications and processes using these technologies, are encouraged to join our Affiliates program.

Means of Collaboration

  • Joint research proposals to government funding agencies.
  • Summer faculty fellowships.
  • Student internships.

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