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Address: 4353 Scorpius Street, Suite 102, Orlando, FL 32816
Phone: 407-882-1500 | Fax: 407-882-1502
Location: Research 1, Suite 102

The Materials Characterization Facility (MCF) is dedicated to providing researchers and industrial partners a place to perform characterization and analysis to advance research; classroom education and hands-on training in the use of state-of-the-art characterization equipment; user-friendly support services with expert advice and data interpretation; and to enhance the competitiveness of industrial partners and boost the economic development of the Central Florida region.

MCF occupies about 7,000 sq. ft. of space and is supported by 2 full-time research engineers and a full-time facilities coordinator. Collaboration with other universities is encouraged.

Available Equipment/Techniques

Sample Prep

  • Gatan PECS (Coating System)
  • Ion Milling for TEM
  • Ultra Microtome (TEM/FTIR Sample Prep)
  • Sputter Coater (EMITECH)
  • Vacuum Evaporator (JEOL)
  • Diamond Saw (Slow Speed)
  • Diamond Band Saw
  • Electro Jet Polisher (TEM Prep)
  • Dimple Grinder (TEM)
  • Allied Polisher (TEM)

Form Downloads

How to Use the Facility

  • New UCF users will need to provide an account from their advisor emailed to Sandra Griggs
  • Once received, an MCF user account will be created.   Once the account has been created the user can email Kirk Scammon(SEM) or Mikhail Klimov(TEM) for training availability.
  • Other University, industry, or government users will need to provide a Purchase Order made to UCF/MCF.  If you have any questions please contact Sandra Griggs.
  • MCF
    4353 SCORPIUS ST STE 102
    Orlando, FL 32816
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Equipment Scheduling

Click here to view the Scheduling Calendar

To schedule equipment time, users may contact MCF at (407) 882-1500 or via email at Please include the equipment to be scheduled, date, time block needed and user name.


Ms. Sandra Griggs
Facility Coordinator
Mr. Mikhail Klimov
Research Engineer
(407) 882-1509
  • SIMS
  • FIB
  • TEM
  • MicroRaman

Mr. Kirk Scammon
Research Engineer
(407) 882-1514

  • Auger
  • RBS
  • SEM
  • XRD


  • TEM
  • FIB
  • XRD
  • SEM

Please Acknowledge Us

Any publications or presentations resulting from data obtained or samples prepared by the AMF engineer/faculty should acknowledge the assistance of the engineer/faculty member and/or center as:

Materials Characterization Facility
University of Central Florida

Please provide a reprint of any publication in which the MCF and its faculty, research associate, or students are acknowledged.

Thank You.